Exceptional Trait Of TMX Bars


Steel Reinforcement is a necessary part of a concrete building. Until the 18th century, concrete structures were made without reinforcement. Cast iron was used because initially then cast iron were of high quality and they were not prone to corrosion. Later on, Steel considered a better material to reinforce concrete structures. Useful strength in tension and compression makes it ten times stronger than the concrete itself. When concrete and steel are combined, they make a solid reinforcement concrete (RC), thus it establish solid concrete foundations.

TMX or ‘Thermex’ steel bars are a top quality TMT ‘Thermo Mechanically Treated’ Bar. All TMX bars are TMT bar but not all TMT bars. To know better we should know the difference between these two. If we understand the basic quality of TMX bars then it will be easy for us to decide which bars are needed for which purpose.


TMX Steel or Thermex steel bar is called as ‘New Generation Bar’. By using German ‘THERMAX’ technology results the superior quality of Steel, with the help of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Thermax technology is used for High quality TMT bars. Major property of TMX rod is its ‘Heat/ Fire Resistance’ ability. During fires, TMX steel bars demonstrated more heat resistance quality and keep the whole structure safe. From a cost perspective we needn’t bother to use TMX bars structure like water tank, compound dividers and so on. These structures need not to be flame-resistant structures. Ductility, bend-ability and weld-ability property are key property of Thermex bars. That why the TMX bar is also named as ‘Another Age High-quality Steel’. THERMEX Bars are having a 60% market share worldwide and 80% of the market in India.



Better Ribs: Extended ribs give improved adhesiveness, and add the higher strength and a longer life to the construction. The ribs on the TMX bars define the quality of the bars.

Chemical Composition: Due to the chemical composition TMX bars can withstand high temperatures during fires.

Higher Elongation: An elongation ranging of TMX Steel Bars is varied from 16% to 23%, compared to standard industry norms of 14.5%.

Excellent Straightness: Perfect straightness is ensured with the help of high-end rolling techniques and a Special Rotary Flying Shear. TMX Bars are produce in coil form rather in straight length.

Earthquake Resistance: The enhanced elongation of TMX bars gives the resultant structure which leads resistance during earthquakes and other natural calamities due to its greater flexibility.

Higher Weld ability: TMX Bars are free of impurities and balanced in chemical composition. Thus it gives the bars superior welding nature and forming stronger bonds.

Corrosion Resistance: Protective scale layer makes the TMX bars corrosion resistant than CTD bars. CTD bars are involved in cold working leads to consequent higher rate of corrosion and surface stresses. In which the protective scale layer falls off during twisting. But in the Thermex process basically inhibits rate of scale formation and no cold working is involved.


By now we understood that TMX bars are superior to TMT bars. TMX bars significantly more strengthened and are mostly used for building business and high raised structures. TMX bars are high-quality than TMT bars, having a great nature of solidity, flexibility, and malleability. This discreet methodology guarantees that each bar adds to building more grounded establishments for a superior tomorrow. Leading Steel bar manufacturers and suppliers in India are offering wide range of Earth Quake Resistance, corrosion resistant and reliable TMX bars at a reasonable price.