Origin Of Steel

History About Steel

Steel has a long history; it is used as weapons in earlier days, dating back 4,000 years. At that time Steel was produced at very limited amounts for Swords and blades by the Pre-Romanian Iberian Peninsula (now Spain and Portugal), the Roman Military and Chinese.

Technologically, first industrial revolution spanned from 1760-1840 in which cultural, and socioeconomic changes are important. At this period rural and agrarian societies shifted towards massive industrialized and urban societies.


Before to the first industrial revolution, people do make things at home. This Industrial Revolution developed the concepts of mass production to the forefront, special-purpose machinery and factories with new materials like Steel. Thus many new technologies were invented.

While second industrial revolution extended roughly from 1870-1914, previous to that Steel was very expensive material. At that period Bessemer converter was invented, in which the mass production of Steel started at a lower cost.

Where did the word Steel originate?

The noun Steel derives from the Proto-Germanic adjective Stakhlijan, in English it means ‘made of Steel’. This is also related to the term Stakhla which means standing fast. The root of the word Stakhla is Stak, means to stand, place, or be firm. The word Steel likely to be ‘that which stands firm’. Early years of the 20th century, the first stainless Steel drum was manufactured on the island of Trinidad in 1952 with the name ‘Solidified’.

Uncommon facts about Steel bars

  • A million tons of steel and iron are restored from waste stream to recycling stream due to magnetic property of the steel. Due to this property this material can be separated from the solid waste stream quite easily.
  • Every ton of recycled tmt steel helps to conserve 1,400 lb of coal, 2,500 lb of iron ore, and 120 lb of limestone.
  • Principally repeated recycling of best steel products do not lead to loss of strength
  • Recycling of steel benefitted nearly 18 million households by saving energy that can power for almost a year.
  • Whenever we buy best Steel, we should know that we are always buying recycled ones.