TMT Bar Manufacturers In Maharashtra

TMT steel bars serve as the backbone of construction that people spend their lives in. Be it the house one lives in or the office one goes to TMT bars are the foundation of any construction. Most modern structures like bridges, buildings, and flyovers get their strength and solidarity from the interwoven steel bars.

Undoubtedly, the modern construction industry would be less durable and more expensive in the absence of TMT bars. Therefore, this article will highlight the TMT steel bars manufacturers in Maharashtra, India.

TMT Steel Bars: An Overview

Thermo Mechanically Treated bars are built using a unique technique, popularly known as the TMT bars. It makes the steel bars have a tough outer coating while the inner core remains soft. It is built in that way to protect constructed properties from natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones, or droughts.

The chosen TMT steel bars must be corrosion-resistant to help the structure obtain longer life. Usually, the German ‘CRS’ technology is used to manufacture the TMT bars. It is a leading age technology that exposes steel to temperatures as high as 1100 degrees Celsius.

Following this, the steel ‘billets’ get passed onto the rolling mills. It helps to shape the steel. The steel is quickly cooled down using the quenching technique.

Spraying high-pressure water tends to cool down the outer surface of steel quickly. On the contrary, the soft inner core is left to cool slowly on the cooling beds. This is what makes the inner core of the TMT bars ductile and the outer surface more durable.

Application of TMT bars

Today, TMT bars are a gold standard for construction. They are in wide use across diverse projects, namely:

  • Office / industrial structures
  • Highrise residential buildings
  • Residential projects
  • Long span bridges and flyovers
  • Large structures such as Airports, Malls, Hospitals, Schools
  • Underwater or marine structures
  • Dams and Underground structures 

Benefits of using TMT bars

In the construction industry, the TMT bars are of the following significance:

Durable and ductile

TMT bars encompass good strength and durability. Hence, they are a popular choice to be used with concrete to make more strong structures. The TMT bars have a rigged pattern. It gives added strength to the concrete when bonded with them.

Another feature of TMT bars is their ductility. As a result, the bars can be used to make pre-welded meshes offsite. It, thereby, reduces the overall time consumed in construction.

  • Resistance to corrosion

The manufacturing process of TMT bars imparts anti-rust property to them. Common culprits of corrosion formation in steel are coarse carbides. Thie manufacturing process prohibits them from building up during the cooling phase. This may add to the durability of the TMT bars.

  • Earthquake proof

As mentioned before, the inner surface of the steel bars is soft and malleable. This allows the TMT bars to take up different structures. Besides, it also offers more room to manage seismic and dynamic loading.

  • Resistance of fire

TMT bars have a quality of high thermal stability. It allows the steel bars to withstand extremely high-temperature conditions.

It may range from a temperature as high as 400 degrees to 600 degrees Celsius. This ensures the structural integrity of the constructions stays intact even under fire.

  • Cost-efficient

The TMT bars have high tensile strength and a good elongation value. This indicates that less steel is necessary for construction purposes. It thereby saves the cost of the used raw materials. Besides, it also protects the transportation and storage cost.

Usually, TMT bars are easier to be managed on-site. In addition, it leads to more savings in cost due to a reduction in fabrication and construction time.

Best TMT bar manufacturers in Maharashtra

  • TATATisconTMT bar
  • Jindal Panther Steel
  • JSW Neo Steel bar
  • Shyam Steel TMT bar
  • Essar Steel
  • Sail TMT bar
  • Visa Steel TMT bar
  • Tata TISCON TMT bars

Tata TISCON is one of the major steel manufacturers in Maharashtra. Being the oldest steel company in India, it has gained a global name in the Indian steel industry. Founded by Dorabji Tata in 2000, Tata TISCON has its headquarters in Mumbai, India.

It is the first steel manufacturing company in India to launch TMT rebars. This brand commands immense credibility in the steel industry for retaining its quality. Moreover, it makes use of cutting-edge technology for manufacturing TMT steel bars.

Tata steel is a leading name in TMT steel bar manufacturing, making ribbed TMT bars famous for their strength and consistency. Reduction in the levels of impurity increases the durability of the bars.

This company has an annual turnover of 20 billion dollars. It accounts for more than 30 million metric tonnes of steel production annually. Like any other steel manufacturer in India, Tata TISCON offers the following products: TATA Tiscon 500, TATA TisconSuperlinks, TATA Tiscon Footing, and TAT Tiscon SD.

  • Jindal Panther Steel

On this list, the Jindal Panther Steel is coming second to TATA Tiscon on this list, a leading TMT bars manufacturer in Maharashtra. This company has a production capacity of 3 million metric tonnes annually. Besides, it has an annual turnover of 3 billion dollars.

This company was founded in 1952 by O.P. Jindal and had its headquarters in New Delhi, India. It is a leading private steel manufacturing unit, having several steel production plants in India.

Owing to its parallel and uniform ribbed pattern, Jindal TMT bars offer an excellent cement bonding. In addition, their in-house, highly controlled, and precise notch-making machines provide exception tensile strength. This secures most of the cement bonding across most of the projects.

Besides, low carbon levels in the TMT steel bars allow developers to work with greater weldability control. In other words, it indicates solid joints and less wastage on site. In addition, high bendability makes it easy to work with, thereby significantly enhancing the construction speed for residential projects.

Jindal steel bars are known to offer better corrosion and fire resistance in construction projects. In addition, they ensure less consumption and material savings to up to 15% on-site.

  • JSW Neo Steel

Apart from TATA Tiscon steel, JSW Neo Steel is one of the oldest steel manufacturers in Maharashtra. This company is a subsidiary of the JSW group, founded in 1982, situated in Mumbai, India. Nonetheless, it is available at multiple locations across the globe.

Currently, it has an installed capacity of around 18 MTPA of reinforced steel. Despite the massive manufacturing operations, this company is known for its high standards of quality. The brand acquires six private steel plants situated across India. The company is estimated to produce approximately 15 million metric tonnes of steel annually. Subsequently, the annual turnover equals 11 billion dollars.

JSW Neo steel offers a wide range of steel products for relevant construction requirements. They are as follows: JSW Neo Steel 500 D, JSW Neo Steel 550, JSW Neo Steel 550 D. JSW Neo Steel 600, and JSW Neo Steel CRS.

This premium steel bar manufacturer makes use of virgin iron core to create TMT steel bars. It provides unmatched purity to the bars, making them earthquake-resistant. Besides, their ductility stays intact. Not only do such bars satisfy Indian standards, but they are observed to fulfill American British and Australian standards.

  • Shyam Steel

Established in the year 1953, Shyam steel is one of the leading TMT bars manufacturers in Maharashtra. Their branded flexi STRONG TMT rebar has a broad market presence across multiple infrastructural segments. It may include bridges, rail, dams, energy, ports, and airports, among others.

Today, Shyam Steel TMT bars have an annual turnover of 2.5 billion dollars. In West Bengal alone, Shyam steel has around four steel manufacturing plants. Usually, the products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, integrated steep plant situated in Durgapur, West Bengal.

Shyam steel is a TUV certified TMT steel bar manufacturer in India. It indicates a question regarding the quality and strength of the company’s manufactured steel bars. Their steel bars are superior stability, excellent strength-to-weight ratios, consistent quality, uniform grades, tolerances and dimensions.

A major advantage of choosing Shyam steel bars is their cost-effectiveness. Despite the highly competitive pricing, the company doesn’t compromise on the quality of end products.

  • Essar TMT

Globally Essar Steel is known for being a widespread producer of TMT bars. It is one of the popular TMT bars manufacturers in Maharashtra. Being a leading supplier of TMT steel bars, the company has an annual turnover of about 10 million metric tonnes annually.

Essar Steel was founded in 1998 and had its footprints in India, the Middle East, and Asia. With its headquarters in Mumbai, India, it has about six production facilities with global operational units.

Over the years, Essar has received immense quality accreditations. This is because they are completely integrated. Besides, they have a standard for themselves with their low human resources costs and high productivity among steel plants around the world.

For tremor inclined regions, the high strength and high extension of Essar steel TMT bars are an excellent choice. In addition, it has the following properties: erosion safety, high bendability, and high exhaustion obstruction with immense welding capacity.

  • SAIL

SAIL Authority of India Ltd. is a leading steel bars manufacturers in India. Founded in 1954, the company has its headquarters in Delhi, India. Annually, SAIL has been estimated t produce at least five million metric tonnes of steel. Besides, the annual turnover accounts for 7.5 billion dollars a year.

Generally speaking, SAIL has been a public sector undertaken by the Government of India. It is amongst the most prominent manufacturers in India for producing reinforced steel bars in the country. This highly trusted brand has stood the test of time. SAIL has fulfilled every steel requirement for some of the major public infrastructure projects within the country.

  • Visa Steel

An exceptionally best-selling steel manufacturer in India is Visa Steel. It isn’t surprising that The same has made its name as one of the top TMT steel bars manufacturers in Maharashtra. This Indian brand is known for utilizing the latest technology for creating steel products.

Established in the year 2003 and owned by the VIS group of companies, Visa Steel has its headquarters in Kolkata, India. Besides, the company has three steel manufacturing units based in India.

By far, Visa Steel has the capacity to produce more than a million metric tonnes annually. This is equivalent to their annual turnover of three billion dollars. It has been often associated with manufacturing superior quality TMT bars for decades in a row.

Be it for homes, offices, or even skywalks and bridges, they offer TMT poles for different sizes and requirements. Its quality speaks of its capacity to withstand high perseverance and power, giving the construction a longer lifespan. 

Check the following before contacting TMT bar manufacturers in Maharashtra

  • Price of the steel

It is always recommendable to compare the rates of the steel manufacturing companies beforehand. Take time to negotiate with appropriate dealers and look for available discounts.

  • Additional costs involved

If a person is opting to buy TMT bars in and around Maharashtra, it is advised to look for manufacturers near them. This tends to reduce the additional charges that one may otherwise have to bear.

  • Stamps and marking

The number one factor to keep in mind is to never purchase a steel bar without relevant stamps and markings of the manufacturer. The markings will offer relevant information about the composition and manufacturing of each of the TMT steel bars.

The bars must include ISI markings, information on the steel grade, manufacturer’s stamp, steel bar length, and manufacturing production mill. 


In India, several city-based steel manufacturers offer high-quality TMT steel bars for various construction purposes. Usually, construction projects in Maharashtra have access to great quality TMT steel bars. This is because all the companies mentioned above are situated nearby.

This article has covered some of the major TMT steel bars manufacturers in Maharashtra specifically. It is recommended to source the steel requirements from any manufacturer of choice available within the vicinity of the construction project.