Construction, the one word is with huge weightage. From the beginning till the end, it is very important to have a well-planned schedule for a strong construction. At the same time we need to pay attention to each and every detail. When building plans and designs are being finalized, then the most crucial stage of any construction begins. The best construction practices ensure proper safety measures.

It is not at all an easy task by keeping the construction projects on schedule to meet the completion deadline. Situations like unavailable resources, adverse weather, costly rework, and subcontractor default are some unavoidable circumstances that can throw the timeline. Not hitting the deadline can affect in many ways.

Here are some key factors to consider at the beginning of the construction.

PLANNING: Detailed and strategic planning is an important aspect of successful construction project management. More planning will be required if the project is complex. 

  • Well-planned project maximizes efficiency
  • Detailed and strategic plan helps to complete the work within budget.
  • Proper planning provides a step by step roadmap for completing the work on schedule

ARCHITECT: Need to hire a professional, who designs the exterior to the interior of the house. It is perfectly right to express the wishes to the designer with some design. Eventually we need to ensure to give sufficient freedom to the designer. For all these expert’s advice is must. 

  • Home initially gets drawn on a plain sheet of paper
  • Thereafter with the installation of bathroom accessories
  • At last finishing the installation of electrical gadgets
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SIMPLICITY: Always try for simplicity. This is the single best advice for all of us. 

  • No need to try too hard with the design on most occasions
  • Most of us tend to go overboard with conception and ends up repenting

MISCONCEPTION: Most of us when we go to our relatives or friend’s place fall in love with their home. All of us must gone through this phase once in lifetime

  • To replicate that same design, we forget about all the physical difference between the two plots 
  • At the same time we overlook the structural difference also between the two plots and thus ends up failing miserably

SPACIOUS HALLWAYS: Design flaw can end up being a massive disaster before entering home also.

  • Too less or small halls can create a lot of problems
  • Shifting the furniture to new home is difficult with small halls
  • Big hallways are not good as well as it wastes too much space.
  • Having too many hallways is also not good since it kills privacy.

NO EXPERIMENTATION: House is for comfort and relaxation. So unnecessary experimentations with the shape of the house turned out to be a disaster.

  • There was a growing trend of having an L or T shaped home
  • L or T shaped home trend did not last long
  •  It is always advisable to take usual and simple path for the house

NO OVER-STUFFING: House should look clean and spacious. We should not over-stuff your home with accessories

  • Should never go overboard for accessory shopping
  • This may clutter the place with unnecessary items
  •  These unnecessary items make the home look small.

FOR FUTURE: While making / building or buying home always we need to think about our state twenty years from now

  • A bachelor pad will look good when we are bachelor 
  • This same  place can turn out to be a massive disaster when married

 We must realize that no matter how great our dream is, we often go out of proportion or far from reality. If we consider all these points in mind our project should be off to a good start. For most of us, a construction project is something that we experience once in our lifetime. It’s our wish to enjoy the experience that comes with it. Although the process is stressful at times, it should be rewarding at the end of the project. Finding a reputed Builder is very important. Builders must be passionate about their work. They can help you to make the overall experience enjoyable and rewarding.