For any construction project choosing the right grade of steel is very important. Equipped with the following knowledge, we will surely be able to choose to the right grade of Best TMT Bars from any top Steel manufacturing company.

It is needless to say that Best TMT bars are mostly approved for any construction purposes due to its exceptionally rare properties. We all know the basic properties of TMT Bars are earthquake resistance property, corrosion resistance property, high ductility and fire resistance property.

In this blog  we will discuss how the ribbed patterns on the bar makes the TMT Bars much better bonding with concrete, called the Cross Ribbed TMT Bars. The cross ribbed pattern on the outer surface of the TMT bars is the unique feature which adds an extra layer of robustness to the structure of TOP TMT Bars.

These patterns possess features like rings and lines which are also called lugs and ribs. For a layman this pattern might seem fairly ordinary, but experts can tell you how crucial these lugs and ribs are. Across TMT bars of all grades, these lugs and ribs are present at regular intervals. The significance of these lugs and ribs is to produce immense bonding strength between concrete and steel bars. This eventually helps the structure to remain strong during floods and earthquakes. Ribbed TMT bars are well known for providing extra safety in seismic zones. These structures do wonders by making the construction strong and stable.

The pattern of TMT bars is not fixed. Each and every manufacturer decides their own pattern, the placement, and the height of the lugs and the ribs. It is essential to know the advantages of a specific pattern before making a choice for any particular construction/structure. Stringent tests prove that which cross ribbed TMT bar pattern provides better bonding with concrete without compromising on the ductility of the TMT bar rebar.



Ordinary smooth steel rods are prone to material slippage i.e., concrete often slipped, which causes structural collapse. Mostly due to low bonding between concrete and steel bars these types of accidents mostly occur. The cross ribbed patterns TMT Bars were introduced to provide better bonding with concrete. The rib patterns provide a strong grip with construction materials, which is crucial for keeping the structure intact. During the natural calamities like floods or earthquakes, the stability of structures reduces the loss of property & life. It will be easier for us to know all the benefits at a glance.

Better anchorage between concrete and steel rods

  • It gives the structure higher strength, mostly at time of stress, like earthquakes or floods
  • Due to the grips of these lugs and ribs, it prevents to the collapse of the entire building
  • Cross-ribbed TMT bars provide an extra layer of safety, where cities fall in the seismic zone

 Uniform load distribution

  • By distributing the load evenly across the entire length of the bar, it increases the strength of the structure
  • The safest way is to build the foundation, with the help of most robust steel

Cost effective

  • Reduction in construction cost is one of the first savings with cross-ribbed TMT bars
  • With better grip, less concrete slips off during construction, thus reducing wastage.
  • The structure lasts through its expected life cycle, thus reduces maintenance costs
  • In the long run too, less maintenance costs and a complete return on building investment results in indirect cost savings for decades.


Here are some main features of Ribbed or Deformed TMT bars:

  • It offers 40% more bond strength
  • Ensures structural integrity in the regions that are seismic prone.
  • Ribbed pattern ensures grip, so that slippage of material doesn’t occur.
  • Mostly used in multi-storied buildings or bridges where high strength reinforcement bars are required.

Here are some main features of plain TMT bars:

  • They have less friction
  • They are generally cheaper and consist of low carbon and silicon
  • They provide less bond strength between the steel components and concrete
  • Primarily used for re-melting, alloying and manufacturing of fabrication of steel structures
  • They are usually used in construction areas where tensile strength is not a significant requirement.


Pattern shape

All cross ribbed TMT bars come with a particular/definite pattern on its outer surface. These are called ribs and lugs or cross-ribbed patterns. Cross-ribbed Bars come in several variations. The usages are decided according to how the TMT bar will be used and the properties that are most desired.

For example, if we decrease the height of lugs, it makes the TMT bar more flexible. At the same time transverse ribs binding in the longitudinal ribs lead to the highest bond, but lower bending capacity.

Pattern formation

The important factor needs to be considered about the consistency of the pattern and the technique of forming, while selecting a cross ribbed TMT bar. The best or most effective pattern is made with CNC notch cutting machines. These types of lugs and ribs ensure uniformity in the rib pattern giving the TMT bar higher fatigue strength. 


Now we all are well aware about the benefits of cross-ribbed TMT Bars. Now-a-days mostly all steel manufacturers are making this type of pattern. Our intelligence is to buy intelligently, to provide our construction the best material and make it sturdy.

The only thing we need to ensure is that we should buy our required TMT bars from a reputable and well-known manufacturer. Before buying we need to verify the credentials of the company. We should go deeper into the specifications and manufacturing process because not all cross ribbed/deformed TMT bars are the same. We should follow the latest and tested construction practices to get the best value for our investment. The cross-ribbed TMT steel bars are highly recommended by experts across the board for earthquake-prone areas. There is no doubt we need to make the structure more robust and increases its life.