What is the difference between TMT and TOR steel bars?

Best TMT steel bar is a newer variety of steel for construction purposes. Earlier people have been using TOR Steel for concrete reinforcement. TMT bars give you several benefits over the other types of steel.
Twisting operation is not involved in the production of the TMT steel bar.
No residual stresses are involved in that, which in turn increases the corrosion resistance.
The main reason for failure in any reinforcement concrete structure is due to corrosion of TOR Steel in the concrete.
where this steel corrodes in the existence of chloride ions. Best TMT Bars, due to its Thermomechanical treatment are very rusted and corrosion-resistant. and is best suited in the humid and coastal states like West Bengal and Orissa.
Uses: TMT Bars are much superior to conventional TOR Steel.
The TMT can be used for Residential Buildings, Bridges, Drums, Industrial Establishment.
TMT Bars: Grade – Fe 415 IS: 1786 Note: The project designers use thermo treated bars (TMT) in place of tor steel and even in TMT. The choice is focussed higher tensile strength ( Fe-500 instead Fe-415) with high corrosion resistant TMT (HCRM) .
which is meant for use in coastal areas.